Bodybuilding 101

So, you want to build some muscle?

We’ve all been there, at the beach, at the gym, we see those buff, ripped dudes and we can’t help but envy their physique. Here’s the thing though, getting to that level of fitness isn’t easy…

It does require some basic knowledge upfront.

Diet is Key

Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t out train a bad diet?” Well I’m sorry to say that that protein diet, bodybuilding food, gain size, gain strength, build lean muscle meal, men's health and fitnessis 100% true. You can spend all day in the gym, but if you don’t supply your body with the proper nutrition, you won’t build any muscle.

I won’t get into the specifics of a proper muscle building diet here, that will be an entire post on it’s own, but I will outline the basics for you.

First you need to make sure you’re getting plenty of quality protein, clean carbs, and healthy fats. These are called your macros, and it varies on how much you need based on your height, weight, and activity level.

Second, you need to be in a caloric surplus in order to pack on size. That’s a fancy way of saying you need to take in more calories than you burn, and your body will use the excess calories to repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissue while you sleep, which brings me to my next point.

SLEEP is Critical

You aren’t actually growing in the gym, quite the opposite in fact, you are breaking down your muscle fibers and getting weaker as you place your body under stress and tension.

Don’t panic though, this is actually how you get bigger over time. When you damage your muscle tissue, it forces your body to grow and adapt so it is better able to handle that weight for next time.

This growth occurs during your sleep cycles. Your body releases most of its testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) while you’re asleep, so it’s critical that you get at the very minimum, 6 hours of quality sleep every night, but shoot for 7 to 8 hours.

So now you know the basics…

weights, weightlifting, bench press, body building, building lean muscle, daily workout plan, bodybuilding routine, exercise weights, bodybuilding foodNow it’s up to you to get to the gym and get it done. As a beginner, you probably aren’t carrying that much muscle on your body, and that’s ok.

You’re going to want to start out with compound lifts. Compound lifts are exercises that hit several different muscle groups simultaneously. These are going to cause the most damage to your muscle tissue, causing you to grow much faster, and it will build a solid foundation for you to work with.

One of my favorite compound lifts is the bench press. When executed properly, it not only stimulates your chest and triceps, but also your biceps, back, shoulders, and even legs!

Seems pretty crazy right? Not only is it true, most people don’t even realize this because they don’t use proper form while benching. Not only does this kill your gains, but it could also lead to injury over the long term.

This is why having a proper program to follow as a beginner is critical

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Before and After Critical Bench 2.0

As a beginner, you’re bound to make mistakes. That’s perfectly fine, no one is an expert on anything after their first try.

But with weightlifting, making mistakes can cause serious injury, even if that injury doesn’t happen immediately, lifting with bad form can cause some very painful joint problems for you down the road.

One program that I particularly like, especially for beginners, is Critical Bench 2.0

It’s a guide to mastering upper body strength for each muscle group, with an emphasis on proper form and technique to maximize muscle growth and minimize risk of injury.

With this daily work out plan, you’ll be able to increase the weight you can lift on the barbell bench press by 50 pounds in 10 weeks!

Along with this workout program, you also get the Critical Deload Routine, the Bench Press Fundamentals, and 80 customized training logs to keep track of all your gains at the gym

About the Program Creator:

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Critical Bench 2.0 Program

The mind behind Critical Bench 2.0 is Mike Westerdal, a sports expert who earned a BS from Central CT State University. He went on to both play and coach football before acquiring his personal training qualifications from the American Council of Exercise.

He is extremely well educated and trusted in the fitness industry, and has not only published a number of articles on popular bodybuilding blogs online, but also contributed to many weightlifting magazines such as Monster Muscle, Powerlifting USA, and REPS.

Critical Bench 2.0 Review

There are several different components that come with the Critical Bench 2.0 workout routine. It comes with:

  • The Master Manual: A six part instruction book that offers a ton of detail on supplements, nutrition needs, weightlifting info, and much more
  • Critical Deload Routine: A routine detailing on how to properly implement deload days to allow your body to recover and avoid over stressing the joints
  • Chapters outlining the safest and most efficient weightlifting techniques, including warm up sets to avoid pain and injury
  • Custom training logs, designed specifically for you to keep track of your progress over the 10 week program
  • A variety of new exercises as time progresses, to avoid stagnation and keep your body growing and building muscle throughout the entire 10 weeks.


bodybuilding, build muscle, build strength, lean muscle, work out, gym, build size for beginners, diet, bench pressThis program is jam packed with useful information for beginners looking to build their desired physique and increase strength. It’s extremely user friendly and only requires basic gym equipment which can be found basically anywhere.

On top of all that, they offer a 100% money back guarantee, if you try this program and are dissatisfied with your results, all you need to do is ask for a refund and you will receive one, no questions asked.

With that said, why not try out the program risk free? You have everything to gain (literally) and nothing to lose.

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What Others are Saying About Critical Bench 2.0

“Shortly after 9-11-01 I began to take a closer look at my life and how I was living it. I was a 2 pack/day smoker and a somewhat heavy drinker. I decided to get into better health. I had attempted to get into shape on many times before but I always set un realistic goals, became frustrated and quit. A few months ago I discovered and the rest is history. The program helped in many ways. It kept me focused, I set reasonable goals and the results were tangible. Thanks guys! I started the program benching 205 lbs, and I put 45 lbs on my max in 10 weeks. Thanks again.”

Jason Neyhart, Duluth, GA


“I just started really lifting about a year ago, and I’ve been trying to get my bench up to a respectable weight. Well when I saw your program on-line, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do. So, about 10 weeks ago I started your critical bench program at a measly 250 lb max. Making 300 has been my biggest goal since I started lifting, and I figured if this even had a chance of working I needed to try it. Following all of the details of the program was difficult because I go to the United States Coast Guard Academy, and the regimented life style that comes with going to a military academy doesn’t allow for the sleep or nutrition. However, I did manage to not miss a lift over the ten weeks. Today I maxed out for week 11, and no shit, I put up 300lbs. My lifting partner Phil started with around a 200 max, and following the program as close as he could put up 260 today. I have to say that the program was successful and worth every dime.”

Kirt Linegar

“I am 21 years old, 5’11” and weigh 201 lbs. I have been weight training for around 15 months I have just completed the 10 week program you sold me. My 1RM 10 weeks ago, was 230 lbs. Today, 10 weeks later, I maxed out at 280 lbs – a 50 pound increase (Just like you said.) Thank you for you expertise and help in approaching my goal of 300 lbs. It’s great to see that the program works for the relative newcomers as well as the more experienced lifters.” 

Andrew Rouse – Sydney, Austrailla 

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